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Definition of Actuals

10 Definitions of Actuals

The definition of actuals, the meaning of word Actuals

Is actuals a scrabble word? Yes!

  • adv.- used to add new information to what you have just said, to give your opinion, or to start a new conversation
  • n.- facts, rather than things that people believe or imagine
  • n.- numbers that relate to something that has actually happened, rather than what was expected to happen
  • v.- to make a plan or wish become true
  • adj.- used to emphasize that something is real or exact
  • -.- money that a court orders someone to pay to someone else for harming them or their property, to cover the cost of the harm, rather than to punish them
  • -.- a real loss of money, not one that is calculated or estimated, nor a PAPER LOSSwhere there is no actual cash loss, for example when an asset falls in value but is not sold
  • -.- a price that is really paid, rather than one that was stated or calculated earlier
  • n.- when someone achieves what they want through work or in their personal life
  • -.- a loss where the thing insured is stolen or totally destroyed

1 Synonym of Actuals

Actuals is worth 9 points in Words with Friends
There are 7 letters in actuals: A A C L S T U