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Definition of Adamancy

10 Definitions of Adamancy

The definition of adamancy, the meaning of word Adamancy

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  • -.- in the Old Testament of the Bible, the first man created by God. God put him in the Garden of Eden, and created Eve, the first woman, from one of Adam's ribs. He was the father of Cain, Abel, and Seth.
  • adj.- determined not to change your opinion or a decision that you have made
  • -.- (1723–90) a Scottish economist who strongly believed in free enterprisean economic system in which private businesses are free to make money, and there is not much government control. He developed his ideas in his bookThe Wealth of Nations, which has had an important influence on modern economic and political ideas
  • -.- (1728–92) a Scottish architect who designed many famous houses and other buildings, and influenced the development of the neoclassical style. He is also known for designing furniture.
  • -.- (1902–84) a US photographer known especially for his photographs of the countryside in the west of the US
  • -.- (1735–1826) the second President of the US, from 1797 to 1801. Before the American Revolutionary War he encouraged people in the American colonies (colony) to protest against British taxes and to fight to become independent from Britain.
  • -.- (1948–) the leader of Sinn Fein, the Irish political party that wants Northern Ireland to unite with the Republic of Ireland. For many years the British government did not allow Adams to travel to England, Scotland, or Wales because of his connections with the IRA. In the late 1990s, however, he took part in meetings with the British government and with other political parties in Northern Ireland, to discuss ways of bringing peace to the area. Adams has been the MP for West Belfast since 1983, but has never taken his seat in Westminster because he does not recognized the authority of the British government. He also had a seat in the Northern Ireland Assembly until the assembly was suspended. He also won a seat at the Northern ireland Assembly in 1998. Adams was re-elected to the Assembly in 2007.
  • -.- (1722–1803) a US politician and writer who protested against British taxes and law when the UK was still in control of the American colonies (colony). In the 1760s and 1770s he encouraged people there to fight to become independent, and he was the main organizer of the Boston Tea Party.
  • n.- the lump at the front of your neck that moves when you talk or swallow
  • -.- a right-wing British organization that develops ideas about economics and gives advice to businesses and politicians. It has close connections with the British Conservative Party, and had great influence on its policies during the 1980s, especially the policy of privatizationselling public services like electricity and railways, so that they become private companies. The organization started in 1977 and is named after Adam Smith, an 18th-century Scottish writer on economics.

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Adamancy is worth 16 points in Words with Friends and 18 points in Words with Friends
There are 8 letters in adamancy: A A A C D M N Y