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Definition of Added

10 Definitions of Added

The definition of added, the meaning of word Added

Is added a scrabble word? Yes!

  • -.- abbreviation for AMERICAN DEPOSITARY SHARE
  • adj.- in addition to what is usual or expected
  • n.- an advertisement
  • -.- used to show that a date is a particular number of years after the birth of Christ
  • adv.- not planned, but arranged or done only when necessary
  • adv.- continuing without ever ending – often used humorously
  • n.- a small advertisement you put in a newspaper to buy or sell something
  • n.- an advertisement that is used to make people interested in a product, but that does not give very much information about the product, so that people will pay attention to more advertisements later
  • adv.- if you say or do something ad nauseam, you say or do it so often that it becomes annoying for other people
  • n.- a short advertisement put in a newspaper or magazine by someone who wants a friend or lover

0 Synonym of Added

Added is worth 8 points in Words with Friends and 8 points in Words with Friends
There are 5 letters in added: A D D D E