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Definition of Adjusts

10 Definitions of Adjusts

The definition of adjusts, the meaning of word Adjusts

Is adjusts a scrabble word? Yes!

  • v.- to gradually become familiar with a new situation
  • adj.- something that is adjustable can be changed or moved slightly to make it suitable for different purposes
  • n.- a small change made to a machine, system, or calculation
  • n.- a person or company whose job is to assess the value of loss or damage for someone who has claimed on their insurance
  • -.- when calculating something, a figure introduced to balance the effect of something that is not typical or representative
  • -.- when someone in financial difficulty makes new arrangements on when and how they will pay people that they owe money to
  • -.- an adjuster whose job is to calculate payments by insurers following CLAIMS relating to ships and the goods they carry
  • -.- a record of money spent and received, kept to check that no mistakes have been made in the official set of accounts kept in a LEDGER
  • n.- someone who is employed by an insurance company to decide how much to pay people who have had an accident, had something stolen etc
  • adj.- inflation-adjusted prices and INDICATORs such as spending, growth etc take inflation into account

7 Synonyms of Adjusts

Adjusts is worth 15 points in Words with Friends and 18 points in Words with Friends
There are 7 letters in adjusts: A D J S S T U