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Definition of Advises

7 Definitions of Advises

The definition of advises, the meaning of word Advises

Is advises a scrabble word? Yes!

  • n.- someone whose job is to give advice because they know a lot about a subject, especially in business, law, or politics
  • adj.- something that is advisable should be done in order to avoid problems or risks
  • v.- to tell someone what you think they should do, especially when you know more than they do about something
  • adv.- after careful thought
  • adj.- not sensible or not wise, and likely to cause problems in the future
  • adj.- used when you are strongly advising someone to do something that will help them avoid trouble
  • -.- in Britain, someone whose job is selling investment products like PENSIONs and LIFE INSURANCE from different companies, rather than someone selling the investment products of one company. However, some financial services companies have IFAs who sell their own company's products as well as those of other companies
Advises is worth 11 points in Words with Friends and 12 points in Words with Friends
There are 7 letters in advises: A D E I S S V