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Definition of Affaires

10 Definitions of Affaires

The definition of affaires, the meaning of word Affaires

Is affaires a scrabble word? Yes!

  • n.-
  • n.- politics, business matters etc that affect or concern the relationship between your country and other countries
  • n.- events and questions, especially political ones, which have an effect on most people
  • n.- a romantic sexual relationship, usually between two people who are not married to each other
  • n.- important political events or other events in society that are happening now
  • -.- a criminal case in 1990, in which four wealthy businessmen with the Guinness company were found guilty of insider trading
  • -.- a political argument that followed the British government's order to sink a ship called theGeneral Belgrano, belonging to Argentina's navy, during the falklands war. The ship was sailing away from the Falkland Islands, not towards them, at the time when it was sunk, and some people criticized the British government's action.
  • -.- a US government organization which deals with things concerning former members of the armed forces, such as health care, education, and pensionsmoney given to someone when they stop working. Its full name is the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.
  • -.- a British organization formed in 1957 to promote free market economics. Its ideas were popular with Margaret Thatcher, the Conservative prime minister from 1979 to 90.
  • n.- a document showing a company's assets and liabilities at a certain date. A statement of affairs is usually prepared when a company is about to go bankrupt

5 Synonyms of Affaires

Affaires is worth 14 points in Words with Friends and 14 points in Words with Friends
There are 8 letters in affaires: A A E F F I R S