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Definition of Aiding

10 Definitions of Aiding

The definition of aiding, the meaning of word Aiding

Is aiding a scrabble word? Yes!

  • v.- to help someone do something
  • n.- help, such as money or food, given by an organization or government to a country or to people who are in a difficult situation
  • -.- the abbreviation for the Agency for International Development
  • n.- a very serious disease that stops your body from defending itself against infections, and usually causes death
  • n.- someone whose job is to help someone who has an important job, especially a politician
  • n.- an arrangement by which a charity can get the tax that has been paid on money given to it by British taxpayers
  • -.- an organization set up by Bob Geldof in 1984 to collect money for people dying of hunger in Ethiopia. This was done by getting many famous popular musicians to make a record together calledDo They Know It's Christmas?, and by organizing the live aid concerts in London and Philadelphia.
  • -.- a Christian charity organization that provides money, equipment, advice etc in order to help poorer countries develop their farming and industry
  • n.- a system in which a government gives money to people who need a lawyer but cannot afford to pay for one
  • -.- another name for FOREIGN AID

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Aiding is worth 8 points in Words with Friends and 10 points in Words with Friends
There are 6 letters in aiding: A D G I I N