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The definition of alans, the meaning of word Alans

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  • -.- a US economist who was chairman (1987–2006) of the Federal Reserve System, the central bank of the US, which decides the level of interest rates
  • -.- (1938–) a well-known US lawyer, who has been the defence lawyer in many famous cases, including the trial of O. J. Simpson. He became the youngest full professor at Harvard Law School at the age of 28, and has written many books.
  • -.- (1946–) a British writer of plays for the theatre and television. His work is often humorous and serious at the same time, and deals with social and political subjects, especially the problems of people who are poor, unemployedwithout jobs, or unfairly treated by society. His best-known work is the television programmeThe Boys from the Blackstuff.
  • -.- (1925–) a British broadcaster, known especially for his 1960s television programmeWhicker's World in which he travelled to many different countries and visited rich people there.
  • -.- (1934–) a writer and actor from the north of England who has written many films and plays for the theatre and for television, includingThe Madness of George III andTalking Heads. His characters are especially funny because he is very good at noticing the strange way that people behave and the funny things they say.
  • -.- (1939–) a British writer of humorous plays such asThe Norman Conquests (1974),A Chorus of Disapproval (1985), andVirtual Reality (2000).
  • -.- (1912–54) a British mathematician and computer scientist, who developed ideas which were later used to build the first electronic computer, and which also influenced the development of the study of artificial intelligence. During World War II he helped to find out the meaning of the German military codessecret writing system used for sending messages.
  • -.- (1919–1964) a US film actor who played important parts in many westerns. His most famous part was as Shane (1953), a gentle but effective gunfighter who helps a group of farmers. Ladd was not very tall and film tricks were used to make him look taller.
  • -.- (1903–88) a South African writer and schoolteacher. He wrote about political and social subjects, but is best known for his novel cry, the beloved country.
  • -.- (1970–) an English football player known for playing for the English national team and for Newcastle United

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Alans is worth 5 points in Words with Friends and 7 points in Words with Friends
There are 5 letters in alans: A A L N S