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Definition of Alberts

10 Definitions of Alberts

The definition of alberts, the meaning of word Alberts

Is alberts a scrabble word? Yes!

  • -.- an imaginary place in East London where the characters in the British television programme EastEnders live and work
  • -.- (1875–1965) a German doctor who went to Africa as a Christian missionary and started a hospital, in 1913 in Gabon, where he worked until his death, especially treating people who were suffering from leprosy. He was also a musician and a philosopher, and he was given the Nobel Peace Prize in 1952. He was known especially for being very morally good.
  • -.- (1913–60) a French existentialist writer and philosopher who believed that life has no meaning, but that people can still be happy. He is best known for his novelsL'Étranger (1942) andLa Peste (1948).
  • -.- a dock in Liverpool, known for ihe popular shops and restaurants that have been built inside its old Victorian warehouses
  • -.- a large 19th-century building in London where concerts take place. It is known especially as the place where the Proms are held every summer.
  • -.- (1819–61) the husband of the British Queen Victoria, born in Germany, and also known as the ‘Prince Consort'. He was very interested in art, music, science, and industry, and he planned and organized the Great Exhibition of 1851. Many buildings and other places in the UK are named after him, including the Albert Memorial, the Albert Hall, and the Victoria and Albert Museum, all in London.
  • -.- (1879–1955) a US physicist and mathematician, born in Germany, who developed the Theory of Relativity, which completely changed the way that scientists understand space and time
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  • -.- a museum in central London that has valuable decorative objects of all styles and periods and from all over the world, such as paintings, glass, clothes, and jewellery
Alberts is worth 9 points in Words with Friends
There are 7 letters in alberts: A B E L R S T