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Definition of Alls

10 Definitions of Alls

The definition of alls, the meaning of word Alls

Is alls a scrabble word? Yes!

  • pro.- the whole of an amount, thing, or type of thing
  • adv.- completely
  • .- consisting of or made of only one kind of thing
  • adj.- an all-singing, all-dancing machine or system can do many things because it is so technically advanced – used humorously
  • adv.- completely – used when describing a quality that you think is extreme
  • adj.- including the cost of everything in the price charged
  • adj.- done in a very determined way, and involving a lot of energy or anger
  • i.- satisfactory, but not excellent
  • adj.- providing insurance against any kind of loss or damage
  • adj.- having qualities that are considered to be typically American and that American people admire, such as being healthy and working hard
Alls is worth 4 points in Words with Friends and 6 points in Words with Friends
There are 4 letters in alls: A L L S