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Definition of Antis

10 Definitions of Antis

The definition of antis, the meaning of word Antis

Is antis a scrabble word? Yes!

  • .- opposed to
  • adj.- an anti-personnel weapon is designed to hurt people rather than to damage buildings, vehicles etc
  • adj.- anti-aircraft weapons are used against enemy aircraft
  • adj.- anti-dumping taxes and laws are introduced by a government to protect its economy from unfair competition, usually to stop imported goods being sold at prices which are lower than in the country where they were made
  • adj.- anti-inflammatory drugs reduce inflammationpainful swelling in part of your body
  • n.- a substance that prevents you sweating
  • n.- hatred of Jewish people
  • adj.- anti-spam software is used for preventing SPAMunwanted emails, especially ones sent by companies to advertise their products from getting into a computer's email system
  • adj.- an anti-tank weapon is designed to destroy enemy tanks
  • adj.- used in order to prevent computer VIRUSes from harming a computer or computer system

0 Synonym of Antis

Antis is worth 5 points in Words with Friends and 6 points in Words with Friends
There are 5 letters in antis: A I N S T