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Definition of Apples

10 Definitions of Apples

The definition of apples, the meaning of word Apples

Is apples a scrabble word? Yes!

  • -.- a US computer company whose best-known products are the iPod and iPhone
  • n.- a hard round fruit that has red, light green, or yellow skin and is white inside
  • n.- an apple that is usually cooked, rather than eaten raw
  • n.- the lump at the front of your neck that moves when you talk or swallow
  • -.- a type of personal computer made by the company Apple
  • n.- an apple covered with a sweet sticky mixture
  • n.- an apple covered with toffee and put on a stick
  • n.- a small sour apple, or the tree it grows on
  • n.- someone who tries to gain something, become popular etc by praising or helping someone else without being sincere
  • n.- an apple that you eat raw rather than cooked

0 Synonym of Apples

Apples is worth 10 points in Words with Friends and 13 points in Words with Friends
There are 6 letters in apples: A E L P P S