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Definition of Areae

10 Definitions of Areae

The definition of areae, the meaning of word Areae

Is areae a scrabble word? Yes!

  • n.- a particular part of a country, town etc
  • n.- an area where animals and plants are protected
  • -.- an area in a large city or a part of a country where houses and other buildings are in a bad condition, the level of unemployment is high, and a lot of people are poor
  • n.- a place near a road where you can stop and rest, go to the toilet etc
  • n.- the area in front of the goal in football. The team opposing you is given a penalty if you break a rule there.
  • n.- a place where soldiers meet and where military equipment is gathered before it is moved to another place
  • n.- a place where a flood, storm, fire etc has happened and caused a lot of damage
  • n.- the catchment area of a school, hospital etc is the area that its students, patients etc come from
  • -.- the countries of the world where the US dollar is used as the main currency or where the value of the currency is directly connected to the US dollar
  • n.- a place on a motorway where you can stop for petrol, food, toilets etc

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Areae is worth 5 points in Words with Friends and 5 points in Words with Friends
There are 5 letters in areae: A A E E R