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Definition of Averaged

10 Definitions of Averaged

The definition of averaged, the meaning of word Averaged

Is averaged a scrabble word? Yes!

  • v.- to usually do something or usually happen a particular number of times, or to usually be a particular size or amount
  • adj.- the average amount is the amount you get when you add together several quantities and divide this by the total number of quantities
  • n.- the amount calculated by adding together several quantities, and then dividing this amount by the total number of quantities
  • -.- a date when several payments which are owed to the same person are made, which is usually about halfway between the date that the first payment should be made and the date that the last payment should be made
  • -.- the average value of stock during a financial year, calculated by adding together the values of the stock at the beginning and end of the year and dividing by two
  • -.- an average calculated by giving more value to some figures than others, depending on their relative importance
  • -.- when the owner of a ship and the owner of the CARGO share the cost of a loss caused by doing something to save either the ship or the goods
  • -.- an adjuster whose job is to calculate payments by insurers following CLAIMS relating to ships and the goods they carry
  • -.- a condition set by an insurer that a payment for damage or loss will be in proportion to the value insured. For example, if a building worth £100,000 but insured for £50,000 is totally destroyed, the insurers will only pay £25,000
  • -.- the amount of money received from selling goods or products divided by the total number of goods or products sold

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Averaged is worth 13 points in Words with Friends and 15 points in Words with Friends
There are 8 letters in averaged: A A D E E G R V