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Definition of Charms

9 Definitions of Charms

The definition of charms, the meaning of word Charms

Is charms a scrabble word? Yes!

  • v.- to attract someone and make them like you, sometimes in order to make them do something for you
  • adj.- to be lucky all the time, so that although you are often in dangerous situations nothing ever harms you
  • n.- a special quality someone or something has that makes people like them, feel attracted to them, or be easily influenced by them – used to show approval
  • adj.- very pleasing or attractive
  • -.-
  • -.- a type of sweet breakfast cereal with marshmallowssoft sweets in different colours and shapes including pink hearts and orange stars, eaten especially by children in the US
  • n.- a group of people who have special power or influence
  • n.- a school where young women were sometimes sent in the past to learn how to behave politely and gracefully
  • n.- a perfect man who a young woman might dream about meeting – often used humorously. The name comes from a character who appears in various fairy tales and rescues a damsel in distresswoman who is in danger
Charms is worth 13 points in Words with Friends and 14 points in Words with Friends
There are 6 letters in charms: A C H M R S