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Definition of Chequing

10 Definitions of Chequing

The definition of chequing, the meaning of word Chequing

Is chequing a scrabble word? Yes!

  • n.- a printed piece of paper that you write an amount of money on, sign, and use instead of money to pay for things
  • -.- a cheque where the money can be paid to any person who presents it to the bank, not just to a person named on the cheque
  • n.- a special cheque for a fixed amount that can be exchanged for the money of a foreign country
  • n.- a card given to you by your bank that you must show when you write a cheque, which promises that the bank will pay out the amount written on the cheque
  • -.- the rate of COMMISSION charged, for example by a bank for writing or cashing a cheque in a foreign currency
  • -.- a cheque that a bank promises in writing to pay
  • -.- a cheque that is not a CROSSED CHEQUE. The person whose name appears on the cheque can write the name of another person on it, and the money will be paid to them
  • -.- a cheque that cannot be paid because the person who wrote it has no money or not enough money in their bank account
  • n.- a cheque that has been signed, but has not had the amount written on it
  • -.- a cheque written by a bank from one of its own accounts. A customer can use a bank cheque to pay someone who will not accept a personal cheque.

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Chequing is worth 23 points in Words with Friends
There are 8 letters in chequing: C E G H I N Q U