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Definition of Citizens

10 Definitions of Citizens

The definition of citizens, the meaning of word Citizens

Is citizens a scrabble word? Yes!

  • n.- someone who lives in a particular town, country, or state
  • n.- someone who is over 60 years old or who is retired
  • n.- a way of making information available about news events, in which members of the public put out reports, opinions, or pictures, usually on the Internet
  • -.- a famous US film made in 1941 by Orson welles, and thought by some people to be the greatest film ever made. It tells the story of the life of a very rich businessman who owned several important newspapers. Orson Welles was the director, writer, and main actor in the film.
  • n.- CB
  • -.- in Britain and some other countries, a statement about standards of service that people should expect from local and national government departments
  • n.- when a person who is not a police officer catches someone and presents them to the police because they have done something illegal
  • n.- an organization in Britain with offices in many towns, which give free advice to members of the public who need help with legal, financial, or other problems
  • -.- a British organization supported by the government which gives free advice to ordinary people about legal, financial, and other problems. Most towns and cities in the UK have a Citizens Advice Bureau, and most of the people who work for it are volunteersthey are not paid for their work.
  • -.- a statement by John Major's Conservative government of the standards of service which the public had a right to expect from British government departments and organizations. In July 1999 Tony Blair's Labour government replaced the Citizen's Charter with the Service First programme in order to improve public services. The Service First Programme no longer exists, but Charter Marks are still given to services that show high levels of customer service or efficiency.

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Citizens is worth 19 points in Words with Friends and 21 points in Words with Friends
There are 8 letters in citizens: C E I I N S T Z