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Definition of Curvedly

10 Definitions of Curvedly

The definition of curvedly, the meaning of word Curvedly

Is curvedly a scrabble word? Yes!

  • v.- to bend or move in the shape of a curve, or to make something do this
  • adj.- having a shape that is like a curve and not straight
  • n.- a line that gradually bends like part of a circle
  • -.- the degree to which people will continue to buy the same quantity of a product even if the price rises
  • n.- the rate at which you learn a new skill
  • -.- how much of a product or service will be bought at different prices
  • -.- a line on a graph which is shaped like a bell and shows the normal distribution of measurements
  • -.- the rate at which people accept a new product
  • n.- the idea developed by the US economist Arthur Laffer that money that the government gets from taxes will increase if higher rates of tax are reduced, because there will be more investment and activity in the economy
  • n.- a line on a GRAPH in the shape of a letter J, which represents a slight fall in the level of something followed by an increase

0 Synonym of Curvedly

Curvedly is worth 17 points in Words with Friends and 20 points in Words with Friends
There are 8 letters in curvedly: C D E L R U V Y