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Definition of Drying

10 Definitions of Drying

The definition of drying, the meaning of word Drying

Is drying a scrabble word? Yes!

  • adj.- dried substances, such as food or flowers, have had the water removed
  • adj.- without water or liquid inside or on the surface
  • v.- to make something dry, or to become dry
  • adj.- freeze-dried food has been frozen and dried very quickly in order to preserve it
  • v.- to clean clothes etc with chemicals instead of water
  • n.- goods such as tobacco, tea, and coffee that do not contain liquid
  • n.- carbon dioxide in a solid form, which is used to make mist in a theatre or disco, or to keep food or other things cold
  • n.- an event that is a practice for a more important event
  • n.- a type of board made of two large sheets of cardboard with plaster between them, used to cover walls and ceilings
  • -.- cargo consisting of dry goods such as coal, iron, food grains, seeds etc

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Drying is worth 11 points in Words with Friends and 12 points in Words with Friends
There are 6 letters in drying: D G I N R Y