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Definition of Exports

10 Definitions of Exports

The definition of exports, the meaning of word Exports

Is exports a scrabble word? Yes!

  • v.- to sell goods to another country
  • n.- a person, company, or country that sells goods to another country
  • n.- the business of selling and sending goods to other countries
  • n.- selling goods to other countries
  • -.- an official invoice used when exporting goods, giving details of goods in a form acceptable to CUSTOMS authorities
  • -.- a country that exports more of a particular thing than it imports
  • -.- documents sent by an exporter's bank to a bank or other organization in the importer's country, who delivers them to the importer when the importer pays for the goods or accepts a BILL OF EXCHANGE. These documents are needed by the importer to get permission for the goods to come through CUSTOMS and to make insurance claims if the goods are lost or damaged
  • -.- an official document that you need to export certain types of goods
  • -.- selling goods in other countries by using another company to carry, market, or sell the goods for you
  • -.- selling goods directly to consumers in other countries

1 Synonym of Exports

Exports is worth 16 points in Words with Friends and 17 points in Words with Friends
There are 7 letters in exports: E O P R S T X