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Definition of Freezes

10 Definitions of Freezes

The definition of freezes, the meaning of word Freezes

Is freezes a scrabble word? Yes!

  • n.- a time when people are not allowed to increase prices or pay
  • v.- if a liquid or something wet freezes or is frozen, it becomes hard and solid because the temperature is very cold
  • n.- above or below the temperature at which water freezes
  • adv.- extremely cold
  • n.- when you stop the action on a video at one particular place
  • n.- the temperature at which water turns into ice
  • -.- when banks are forced by the government to stop lending completely
  • -.- an agreement made by a company looking for investment from other companies with a company that might be investing in it, stating that it will not look for investment from any other companies
  • adj.- freeze-dried food has been frozen and dried very quickly in order to preserve it
  • n.- a large metal box in which food can be stored at very low temperatures for a long time
Freezes is worth 19 points in Words with Friends and 19 points in Words with Friends
There are 7 letters in freezes: E E E F R S Z