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Definition of Goldenly

10 Definitions of Goldenly

The definition of goldenly, the meaning of word Goldenly

Is goldenly a scrabble word? Yes!

  • adj.- having a bright yellow colour like gold
  • n.- a very important principle, way of behaving etc that should be remembered
  • -.- a government share in a company, usually a company that has been partly PRIVATIZED (=sold to investors), but where the government wants to continue to have influence. The share gives the government the right to decide on how the company is managed, who owns it etc
  • n.- a large light brown bird that lives in northern parts of the world
  • n.- in some games of football, the first goal scored in extra time. The team that scores the goal wins the game.
  • n.- a small pale raisindried fruit used in baking
  • n.- the date that is exactly 50 years after the beginning of something, especially a wedding
  • n.- a large dog with light brown fur
  • n.- things such as a large salary or a good pension that make important workers want to continue working for an organization, rather than leave to work for a competing organization
  • n.- a large amount of money given to someone when they leave their job

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Goldenly is worth 13 points in Words with Friends and 16 points in Words with Friends
There are 8 letters in goldenly: D E G L L N O Y