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Definition of Jays

6 Definitions of Jays

The definition of jays, the meaning of word Jays

Is jays a scrabble word? Yes!

  • n.- a bird of the crow family that is noisy and brightly coloured
  • -.- (1754–1829) a US lawyer who became the first Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court in 1789. He helped to make peace with Britain after the American Revolutionary War, and in 1794 made an arrangement with Britain called Jay's Treaty, that included an agreement on trade
  • -.- (1969–) a British pop musician who is the main singer with the bandJamiroquai. He is known for wearing different types of hat and for driving fast cars.
  • -.- (1950–) a US comedian and television presenter, famous for appearing as the host onThe Tonight Show, a late-night talk show on US television
  • -.- (1969-) a US rapper and successful businessman whose songs include Crazy In Love (2004), Numb/Encore (2006), and Umbrella (2008)
  • -.- (1941–2002) a US scientist who worked in the area of paleontologythe study of ancient animals and plants that have been preserved in rock. He wrote many books about evolution, and was known for his skill in communicating scientific ideas to ordinary people.

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Jays is worth 14 points in Words with Friends and 15 points in Words with Friends
There are 4 letters in jays: A J S Y