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Definition of Jimmied

10 Definitions of Jimmied

The definition of jimmied, the meaning of word Jimmied

Is jimmied a scrabble word? Yes!

  • n.- the American form of the word jemmy
  • -.- used informally by Scottish men, especially men from Glasgow, to speak to another man whatever his name may be
  • -.- (1913–75?) the president of the teamsters, a powerful trade union in the US, who was thought to be involved with criminal organizations such as the mafia, and was put in prison in 1967 for financial crimes. He left prison in 1971, but disappeared in 1975 and many people believe that he was murdered, though his body was never found.
  • -.- (1946–) a US singer and songwriter who was especially popular in the 1970s. His songs are often humorous and includeMargaritaville.
  • n.- a brand of expensive and fashionable women's shoes
  • -.- (1935–) a US Christian leader and televangelistsomeone who talks about religion on television, who was very popular until 1988, when he admitted that he had had sex with a prostitutea woman who has sex with people for money
  • -.- (1924–) the 39th President of the US from 1977 to 1981. In 1979 Carter helped arrange the peace agreement between Egypt and Israel called the Camp David Agreement. Before he became President, he was in charge of his family's peanut business and was the governor of the US state of Georgia. Carter is known for being a religious person and for doing a lot of charity work. Since 1981 he has been involved in efforts to try to end wars in other countries. In 2002 he won the Nobel Peace Prize.
  • -.- (1948–) a Jamaican singer and songwriter of reggae music, known especially for his songThe Harder They Come and for appearing in the film of the same name
  • -.- (1954–) a British actor who is best known for appearing in the television series Auf Wiedersehen Pet about a group of British men working abroad. He appeared in and wrote another television series called Crocodile Shoes and made a successful pop record with the same title. He is from Newcastle, and is known for having a strong Geordie accentway of speaking that is typical in Newcastle.
  • -.- (1926–) a British television presenter who used to be a disc jockeysomeone who has a pop music programme on the radio but was best known for his popular television programme Jim'll Fix It in which he arranged for ordinary people to do something special such as meet their favourite pop singer or play football with a famous team. He has long white hair, wears lots of gold jewellery, and smokes large cigars. He is known for saying ‘now then, now then' and ‘how's about that, then', and also for the work he does for charity.

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Jimmied is worth 19 points in Words with Friends and 23 points in Words with Friends
There are 7 letters in jimmied: D E I I J M M