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The definition of johannes, the meaning of word Johannes

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  • -.- (1825–99) an Austrian composer who wrote more than 400 waltzes (waltz) including the very popularBlue Danube andTales from the Vienna Woods
  • -.- (1571–1630) a German astronomera scientist who studies the stars who discovered how the planets move around the sun. These principles are known as Kepler's Laws, and they greatly influenced the work of Sir Isaac newton.
  • -.- (1833–97) a German writer of music known for his symphonies (symphony) and concertos
  • -.- a German doctor and scholar of the early 16th century, who practised magic. A story developed about him that he had ‘sold his soul to the Devil' in exchange for knowledge and power. Many stories and pieces of music have been written about him, including the playsDr Faustus by Christopher marlowe andFaust by goethe.
  • -.- (1743–1818) a Swiss writer best known for his very popular children's book swiss family robinson
  • -.- (1653–1706) a German composer of Baroque music, famous especially for hisCanon and Gigue in D major.
  • -.- (1749–1832) a German poet and scientist, and one of the best-known writers of plays and books of all time, known especially for his playFaust
  • -.- (1685–1750) a German musician, one of the most famous and admired European composers. He is especially well known for his organ music and his religious choral music for musicians and singers, which is typical of the baroque style.
  • -.- (1822–84) an Austrian monka member of a group of Christian men who live apart from other people who studied the pea plant in order to find out how qualities are passed from parent plants to their children. Many years later his discoveries were used by scientists who were developing the new science of genetics.

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Johannes is worth 18 points in Words with Friends and 21 points in Words with Friends
There are 8 letters in johannes: A E H J N N O S