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10 Definitions of Josephs

The definition of josephs, the meaning of word Josephs

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  • -.- in the Old Testament of the Bible, the favourite son of jacob. Joseph was given a ‘coat of many colours' by his father, and this made his brothers jealous of him. They sold him as a slave to some Egyptians, but Joseph later became powerful by becoming an adviser to the Egyptian king, and brought his people to live in Egypt.
  • -.- in the New Testament of the Bible, the husband of mary, the mother of Jesus. Joseph was a carpenter in nazareth.
  • -.- (1672–1719) an English writer, best known for the essays he wrote in The Tatler and The Spectator magazines
  • -.- (1805–44) a US religious leader who started the mormon religion. He described how an angel showed him where two golden tabletsflat pieces of metal with words cut into them were buried in a hill in the state of New York. He translated the writing on the tablets and it became theBook of Mormon, the holy book of the Mormon religion
  • -.- (?1840–1904) the chief of a native american tribe who fought against the US army in 1870. He was not successful, and his tribe was forced to leave their land and move to a reservation.
  • -.- (1879–1953) a Russian politician, born in Georgia, who was leader of the former Soviet Union from the death of lenin (1924) until his own death. Although Stalin was responsible for developing farming and industry in his country, and for successfully leading it in the war against Germany (1941–45), he is now remembered also for his great cruelty. Thousands of political opponents were killed or sent to prisons in Siberia, and Stalin's secret police made ordinary people live in fear.
  • -.- (1909–84), a US film director, who was prevented from working in Hollywood during the anti-Communist time of Senator Joseph McCarthy. He went to Britain where at first he worked under another name. His films includedThe Criminal (1962),The Servant (1963),Accident (1967) andThe Go-Between (1971).
  • -.- (1848–1917) a British businessman who started the J Lyons company in 1894, and whose Lyons' Corner Houses restaurants serving tea and light meals were very popular in the UK, especially in the first half of the 20th century
  • -.- (1909–57) a US politician in the republican party. He became famous in the early 1950s by saying officially that many famous people, important politicians, and military officers were communists, and therefore enemies of the US. He influenced the development of strongly anti-Communist ideas in the US, and anyone who was called a Communist was treated extremely unfairly. In 1954, however, the US senate formally criticized his actions, and he lost most of his political support and power.
  • -.- (1923–1999) a US writer whose book Catch-22 is considered by many people to be one of the best anti-war novels ever written. Heller's books are known for their dark humour and they typically criticize organizations, especially military organizations, that affect or control ordinary people's lives. His other novels include Good as Gold and God Knows.

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Josephs is worth 19 points in Words with Friends and 21 points in Words with Friends
There are 7 letters in josephs: E H J O P S S