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Definition of Lynches

4 Definitions of Lynches

The definition of lynches, the meaning of word Lynches

Is lynches a scrabble word? Yes!

  • v.- if a crowd of people lynches someone, they kill them, especially by hanging them, without a trial
  • -.- a character who used to appear in the popular British television programme coronation street, and known as Bet Gilroy after she got married. She is what many people think of as a typical barmaida woman who serves drinks in a bar. She had blond hair and large breasts, and wore a lot of make-up and very large earrings.
  • -.- (1946–), a US film director, well-known for unusual films, such asThe Elephant Man (1980),Blue Velvet (1986) andMulholland Dr. (2001). He also made the cult television programmeTwin Peaks (1989).
  • n.- a group of people that kills someone by hanging them, without a legal trial

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Lynches is worth 15 points in Words with Friends and 16 points in Words with Friends
There are 7 letters in lynches: C E H L N S Y