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Definition of Openly

10 Definitions of Openly

The definition of openly, the meaning of word Openly

Is openly a scrabble word? Yes!

  • v.- to move a door, window etc so that people, things, air etc can pass through, or to be moved in this way
  • n.- outdoors
  • n.- a tool that is used to open cans, bottles etc
  • adj.- not closed, so that things, people, air etc can go in and out or be put in and out
  • n.- the time when a new building, road etc is used for the first time, or when a public event begins, especially when it involves a special ceremony
  • adj.- first or beginning
  • n.- the quality of being honest and willing to talk about things
  • adv.- in a way that does not hide your feelings, opinions, or the facts
  • n.- a small tool used for removing the metal lids from bottles
  • -.- the amount of goods that are in stock at the beginning of a particular period of time

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Openly is worth 11 points in Words with Friends and 13 points in Words with Friends
There are 6 letters in openly: E L N O P Y