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Definition of Overlies

10 Definitions of Overlies

The definition of overlies, the meaning of word Overlies

Is overlies a scrabble word? Yes!

  • pre.- above or higher than something, without touching it
  • adj.- from an upright position into a position of lying on a surface
  • n.- the period of time in the game of cricket during which six or eight balls are thrown by the same bowler in one direction
  • adv.- too or very
  • .- too much
  • n.- a thorough examination of something to make sure it is all right
  • adj.- too old for a particular purpose or activity
  • adv.- used at the bottom of an account to show that an amount which is the BALANCE of the account has been carried to the top of the next page
  • n.- something you do, or something that happens now, that is the result of a situation that existed in the past
  • adj.- expecting that things will be better than is possible or likely

3 Synonyms of Overlies

Overlies is worth 11 points in Words with Friends and 13 points in Words with Friends
There are 8 letters in overlies: E E I L O R S V