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Definition of Rootedly

10 Definitions of Rootedly

The definition of rootedly, the meaning of word Rootedly

Is rootedly a scrabble word? Yes!

  • v.-
  • -.- (1976) a novel by the US writer Alex Haley(1921–92) which was also made into a television programme. It tells the story of several generations of an African-American family, and it is partly based on stories told in Haley's own family. The story starts with Kunta Kinte, a man from West Africa who is caught and taken to the US as a slave, and then describes what happens to him there and to his children and grandchildren until the time of the civil war. The book and television programme encouraged many African-Americans to try to find out more about their own family origins.
  • n.- the part of a plant or tree that grows under the ground and gets water from the soil
  • n.- the ordinary people in an organization, rather than the leaders
  • adj.- a deep-rooted habit, idea, belief etc is so strong in a person or society that it is very difficult to change or destroy it
  • n.- the cube root of a particular number is the number that, when multiplied by itself twice, will give that number
  • n.- the space inside the root of a tooth
  • n.- a popular style of reggae which is a mixture of Jamaican ska and American styles such as pop music, rock and roll, and rhythm and blues
  • n.- the square root of a number is the number which, when multiplied by itself, equals that number
  • n.- a sweet brown non-alcoholic drink made from the roots of some plants, drunk especially in the US

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Rootedly is worth 12 points in Words with Friends
There are 8 letters in rootedly: D E L O O R T Y