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Definition of Safely

10 Definitions of Safely

The definition of safely, the meaning of word Safely

Is safely a scrabble word? Yes!

  • i.- said by young people as a greeting
  • adv.- in a way that is safe
  • adj.- not in danger of being harmed, lost, or stolen
  • n.- a strong metal box or cupboard with special locks where you keep money and valuable things
  • adj.- a fail-safe machine, piece of equipment etc contains a system that makes the machine stop working if one part of it fails
  • n.- safe passage
  • n.- the act of putting important documents or valuable things in a special room or metal box, usually in a bank, in order to keep them safe
  • adj.- a currency, bond, or investment that has few risks
  • -.- when a bank takes care of important documents or other valuable possessions for someone, in return for a regular charge
  • n.- official protection for someone when they are in danger or passing through a dangerous area

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Safely is worth 12 points in Words with Friends and 12 points in Words with Friends
There are 6 letters in safely: A E F L S Y