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Definition of Saltly

10 Definitions of Saltly

The definition of saltly, the meaning of word Saltly

Is saltly a scrabble word? Yes!

  • n.- a natural white mineral that is added to food to make it taste better or to preserve it
  • v.- to add salt to food to make it taste better
  • adj.- preserved with salt
  • -.- Strategic Arms Limitation Talks; talks between the US and the former Soviet Union, which aimed to reach agreement about limiting the number of nuclear weapons that each country kept. Two SALT Treaties official agreements were signed: SALT I (1972) and SALT II (1979).
  • n.- a white powder that can be mixed with water and used as a medicine
  • n.- a type of salt made from sea water, used in cooking
  • n.- a small container for salt
  • n.- a sailor who has had a lot of experience of sailing
  • n.- a strong-smelling chemical that you hold under someone's nose to make them conscious again when they have fainted
  • n.- a type of salt which is obtained from under the ground

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Saltly is worth 9 points in Words with Friends
There are 6 letters in saltly: A L L S T Y