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Definition of Skying

10 Definitions of Skying

The definition of skying, the meaning of word Skying

Is skying a scrabble word? Yes!

  • n.- one of a pair of long thin narrow pieces of wood or plastic that you fasten to your boots and use for moving on snow or on water
  • v.- to move on skis for sport or in order to travel on snow or water
  • n.- the sport of moving down hills, across land in the snow, or on water wearing skis
  • n.- the sport of flying a helicopter to a place in the mountains where you can ski on deep snow that no one else has skied on
  • n.- a small motor vehicle for travelling fast over snow
  • n.- activities such as eating and drinking that you do after skiing
  • n.- a sport in which you ski over water while being pulled by a boat
  • n.- a specially made boot that fastens onto a ski
  • n.- a long steep sloping platform which people go down on skis and jump off to see how far they can go through the air in sports competitions
  • n.- a snow-covered part of a mountain which has been prepared for people to ski down

0 Synonym of Skying

Skying is worth 14 points in Words with Friends and 15 points in Words with Friends
There are 6 letters in skying: G I K N S Y