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Definition of Squares

10 Definitions of Squares

The definition of squares, the meaning of word Squares

Is squares a scrabble word? Yes!

  • adv.- directly and firmly
  • v.- to multiply a number by itself
  • adj.- divided into squares or marked with squares
  • adj.- having four straight equal sides and 90° angles at the corners
  • n.- a shape with four straight equal sides with 90° angles at the corners
  • adv.- directly and firmly
  • n.- a flat piece of plastic or metal with three sides and one angle of 90°, used for drawing or testing angles
  • -.- a fashionable, expensive part of central London with many expensive shops
  • -.- a square in central London which has several cinemas, restaurants, shops, and amusement arcades. It is a popular place for tourists and young people, and it is always busy, especially at night.
  • adj.- a building that is four-square is strongly built and square in shape
Squares is worth 16 points in Words with Friends and 17 points in Words with Friends
There are 7 letters in squares: A E Q R S S U