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Definition of Squeezed

7 Definitions of Squeezed

The definition of squeezed, the meaning of word Squeezed

Is squeezed a scrabble word? Yes!

  • n.- a situation in which there is only just enough room for things or people to fit somewhere
  • v.- to press something firmly together with your fingers or hand
  • n.- a situation in which a lot of SHORT SELLERs are trying to buy the shares they need to deliver, causing prices to rise
  • -.- a period of time when the government strictly limits the amount of lending that banks are allowed to do, leading to businesses and individuals having difficulty getting loans and paying more interest on them
  • -.- a period of time when a company is making less profit than usual
  • n.- when share prices rise because it is known that people have sold these shares without actually owning them, hoping to be able to obtain them more cheaply later, before they have to deliver them to the buyer. Because it is known that these people will have to buy the shares, the price is forced up
  • n.- the people who are most badly affected when the economy is bad, because they are not rich but are not poor enough to receive money from the government

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Squeezed is worth 27 points in Words with Friends and 28 points in Words with Friends
There are 8 letters in squeezed: D E E E Q S U Z