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Definition of Taxes

10 Definitions of Taxes

The definition of taxes, the meaning of word Taxes

Is taxes a scrabble word? Yes!

  • v.- to charge a tax on something
  • adj.- needing a lot of effort
  • n.- an amount of money that you must pay to the government according to your income, property, goods etc and that is used to pay for public services
  • n.- an extra tax or charge that a government introduces in such a way that people do not realize that they are paying more money – used to show disapproval
  • -.- a tax on the value of a person's assets if their value is above a particular amount
  • n.- a tax, for example a tax on fuel, that is intended to reduce harm to the environment
  • n.- a tax which every home in Britain has to pay to local government, based on the area and the value of the house, flat etc
  • n.- a tax that has less effect on the rich than on the poor
  • -.- tax relating to a particular year that the authorities allow to be paid in a later year
  • -.- another name for a MULTIPLE SALES TAX

4 Synonyms of Taxes

Taxes is worth 12 points in Words with Friends and 12 points in Words with Friends
There are 5 letters in taxes: A E S T X