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Definition of Turkeys

3 Definitions of Turkeys

The definition of turkeys, the meaning of word Turkeys

Is turkeys a scrabble word? Yes!

  • -.- a country which is mainly in west Asia but partly in southeast Europe, between the Mediterranean and Black Seas. Population: 71,892,807 (2008). Capital: Ankara. Until the early 20th century, Turkey was the centre of the large Ottoman Empire, whose capital city was Istanbul, Turkey's largest city. It became a republic in 1923, and its first president was Kemal Ataturk, who made great changes to make Turkey a more modern country. Turkey is a member of NATO and has asked to become a member of the EU.
  • n.- a bird that looks like a large chicken and is often eaten at Christmas and at Thanksgiving
  • n.- an unpleasant physical condition suffered by people who stop taking a drug that they are addicted to
Turkeys is worth 14 points in Words with Friends and 14 points in Words with Friends
There are 7 letters in turkeys: E K R S T U Y