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Definition of Women

10 Definitions of Women

The definition of women, the meaning of word Women

Is women a scrabble word? Yes!

  • -.- the plural of woman
  • -.- (1868) a book for girls written by Louisa May alcott which describes the happy family lives of four sisters in New England, whose names are Jo, Meg, Beth, and Amy
  • n.- all the ideas, actions, and politics relating to giving women the same rights and opportunities as men
  • n.- all the women who are involved in the aim of improving the social, economic, and political position of women and of ending sexual discrimination
  • n.- a public toilet for women
  • n.- the study of women in history, literature, and society
  • -.-
  • -.- a British organization for women, especially women in country areas, who meet for social and educational activities. Although the Women's Institute has members of all ages and all social classes, people generally imagine that a typical member is an older middle-class woman who does not have a job and who enjoys activities such as cooking and sewing. Members of the Women's Institute are also known for singing the song Jerusalem at their meetings and for selling home-made jam and cakes.
  • -.- (1921) a novel by D. H. lawrence about two sisters, Ursula and Gudrun Brangwen, and their difficult relationships with men. It was made into a film in 1969.
  • -.- a US organization that encourages women to vote, and makes sure that laws or policies that affect women are properly discussed and thought about. In addition to matters specifically relating to women, the organization encourages people in general to take part in government and it lobbies (lobby) on other matters such as the environment.

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Women is worth 10 points in Words with Friends and 12 points in Words with Friends
There are 5 letters in women: E M N O W