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Definition of Wordings

10 Definitions of Wordings

The definition of wordings, the meaning of word Wordings

Is wordings a scrabble word? Yes!

  • adj.- using words that express an idea carefully or clearly
  • v.- to use words that are carefully chosen in order to express something
  • n.- the words and phrases used to express something
  • n.- a single group of letters that are used together with a particular meaning
  • -.- a popular type of computer software used for word processing typing letters, reports etc and storing information, produced by the microsoft Corporation
  • n.- a word or phrase that is given a different meaning to its usual meaning, so that it can be used to communicate something secretly
  • n.- dyslexia
  • n.- computer software or a small computer that you use for writing letters and other documents
  • n.- used when you are talking about the word ‘nigger' but do not want to say it because it is offensive
  • n.- a word that is used to connect one part of a sentence with another, or to show how one sentence is related to another. For example, ‘and', ‘although', and ‘however' are linking words.
Wordings is worth 13 points in Words with Friends and 15 points in Words with Friends
There are 8 letters in wordings: D G I N O R S W