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Definition of Youngs

10 Definitions of Youngs

The definition of youngs, the meaning of word Youngs

Is youngs a scrabble word? Yes!

  • adj.- a young person, plant, or animal has not lived for very long
  • n.- young people
  • n.- a young member of a political party or other organization who is very eager to make changes
  • -.- (1867–1955) a baseball player known for his skill as a pitcher. Every year the cy young award is given to the best pitchers in the american league and the national league.
  • n.- a criminal in Britain who is not an adult according to the law
  • -.- (1979–) a British pop singer who became famous when he won the first series ofPop Idol, a television show in which people show how well they can sing
  • -.- (1801–77) a US leader of the mormon religion. In illinois Mormons were being badly treated, and so they decided to move away. In 1847, Young led 5000 Mormons across the US to their new home in what later became the state of utah, where they built salt lake city. Brigham Young University, near Salt Lake City, is named after him.
  • -.- a prize given every year to the most successful pitcherthe player who throws the ball in the american league and the national league of US baseball. It is named after the famous pitcher Cy young.
  • -.- (1932–) a US civil rights activist and Protestant minister who was one of Martin Luther King's closest associates. He was US ambassador to the United Nations from 1977–79, and was mayor of Atlanta from 1982–89.
  • n.- a young man who strongly criticizes society and the government. The phrase was first used to describe John Osborne and other British writers in the 1950s.
Youngs is worth 10 points in Words with Friends and 12 points in Words with Friends
There are 6 letters in youngs: G N O S U Y