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Definition of Zones

10 Definitions of Zones

The definition of zones, the meaning of word Zones

Is zones a scrabble word? Yes!

  • v.- if an area of land is zoned, it is officially kept separate from other land so that it can be used for a particular purpose
  • n.- a large area that is different from other areas around it in some way
  • n.- a system of choosing areas to be developed for particular purposes, such as houses or shops, when planning a town
  • adj.- unable to think clearly and quickly, especially because you are tired or have taken drugs
  • n.- a part of your body that gives you sexual pleasure when it is touched
  • -.- the part of Europe where the euro is used as currency
  • -.- another name for ENTERPRISE ZONE
  • n.- your comfort zone is the range of activities or situations that you feel happy and confident in
  • -.- an area of sea around a country, where that country alone is allowed to fish, mine etc
  • n.- one of the two parts of the Earth that are north and south of the tropics
Zones is worth 14 points in Words with Friends and 15 points in Words with Friends
There are 5 letters in zones: E N O S Z