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Definition of Grade

13 Definitions of Grade

The definition of grade, the meaning of word Grade

Is grade a scrabble word? Yes!

  • v.- assign a rank or rating to
  • v.- assign a grade or rank to, according to one's evaluation
  • n.- the height of the ground on which something stands
  • n.- a number or letter indicating quality (especially of a student's performance)
  • n.- a degree of ablaut
  • n.- a body of students who are taught together
  • n.- one-hundredth of a right angle
  • n.- a relative position or degree of value in a graded group
  • n.- a position on a scale of intensity or amount or quality
  • n.- a variety of cattle produced by crossbreeding with a superior breed
  • v.- determine the grade of or assign a grade to
  • v.- level to the right gradient
  • n.- the gradient of a slope or road or other surface
Grade is worth 7 points in Words with Friends and 8 points in Words with Friends
There are 5 letters in grade: A D E G R